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The Design Process

Grayline Contracting will meet with your at your site with our septic design specialist to discuss your needs and how you foresee the development of your property. We will explain the various types of septic systems which may fit your onsite conditions and determine the potential waste water flow rate for your home. The focus of this initial meeting is to determine site locations for the septic tank, piping and septic field which will be acceptable to you and meet all municiplal code requirement and your design needs. Grayline will align you with a Certified design consultant who we know and trust to provide timely and competent design options.  Learn More...

Soil Evalution

In previous years soil analysis was completed by a percolation test. It has since been determined by science that this process was unreliable and could not be replicated. Today the design company will excavate a test pit 8 feet deep in several areas where the septic field will be installed. A soil profile is developed and recorded. Soils samples are collected and sent to Kaizen Laboratory Services who determine the sand, silt and clay content. With that information, excavation experience and the science based flow rate charts, the designer will determine the linear loading rate. Basically this tells us how much wastewater we can safely load onto each square foot of the septic field so it can work efficiently.

FREE Written Quotes

Once it is determined what the daily flow rates from the home will be and how many square feet of septic field are required to disperse the wastewater, then the design specialist can develop a plan and blueprints for the project. Grayline will then provide you with a free written quote based on these design/s. We are more than happy to review the system design and installation procedures with you and to answer any enquiries you may have. At this point, we can proceed with an installation timeline and book the project for installation and completion.