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Septic System Maintenance - Do's & Don'ts

The Number One reason for a septic system failure is...

Feminine hygiene products or condoms wrapped around the septic pump impellor which seizes the motor. Don’t flush anything which does not decompose quickly and naturally. Pump repair cost — $500.00.

When properly installed and maintained, your septic system should provide decades of trouble-free, low-cost service

Septic System Maintenance

An important environmental note

Pharmaceuticals or any medications should never be flushed into the septic system. The chemicals within the drugs do not break down easily and have been identified as migrating through the soil and into the water aquifers.

Don't overload

The original system was designed with a specific load factor. Do not add additional water loading from water softeners, iron filters, foundation drains or sumps, hot tubs, pool filters, or bedroom additions without consulting the septic designer / installer.

General maintenance

Extending your system