Over 35 years septic experience - 5 year warranty
Over 1500 septic systems in the ground!

Certified Septic System Design

Certified Design

The current Building Code demands that you use a Certified Designer. Septic system design criteria has been the most significant change to the Alberta wastewater industry since the regulations were updated in 2010.

Today's more stringent design guidelines ensure less environmental impact and a system expertly tailored to the needs of your home and family.

In previous years installers were less constrained in their design practices and the review of a septic system application received virtually no attention. Your septic design will be scrutinized by the local authority as well by qualified inspectors. Grayline designs get immediate approval!


Full service design and installation quotes


We have developed a questionnaire which will provide us with all the technical information we require about your buildings and the construction site. We have in house Certified Design Consultants who will construct the full septic design to code and we will also provide a guaranteed quote for the entire project. When we are contracted for the installation, there are no $$$$ charged for the septic system design.

The second option we provide is access to an independent design consultant (D&S Wastewater Design) and again, if we are contracted to install the system, we will reimburse you for 50% of the design fees, once the project is completed and paid out.


The benefits of using a Certified Designer

Avoid the pitfalls of an improperly designed system

The number one issue is a septic system that was improperly designed and installed too small for the conditions. Some Building Contractors unfortunately hire the least expensive septic system which lasts about 2-3 years before saturating and requiring a rebuild. If the builder's warranty period has expired, you are then facing replacement costs of $15K – $25k.


Grayline warranties our systems for 5 years and other segments for 20 years

After 35 years of septic installations we are confident about what will stand the test of time. Grayline septic systems are bullet proof and worry free. Ask us for a list of our latest installations and talk to the owners.


Experience matters — we work with the best!


Grayline Contracting has well over 1500 septic systems in operation. We ensure that all of our designers are not only certified, but are also highly experienced. Septic system design, like any other skilled field, requires years of experience and proper mentoring to produce an independent professional.

The current certification course is great and provides graduates with sound theory, however, we believe it the starting point and that further knowledge needs to be obtained under the guidance of an experienced designer. We have had the unfortunate experience of being asked to quote on some designs made by recent graduates, that contain numerous errors. It can be very distressing to the property owner to discover that we are unable to quote or install on these systems due to these errors, which we know could cause issues. This is why we only use use either our in-house design team or refer to select designers.

When deciding on your design specialist, please confirm their training, years of experience in the field, and get referrals. We are more than happy to provide advice and recommendations on this as well as our list of latest projects — so you can speak to our clients yourself..