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Septic Project Construction Assessment Form

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Building Information

Type of Building
Public Washrooms?

Are there Public Access washrooms (church, school, restaurant, community hall)?


How many people will live in this building?


What is the total developed square footage?

Lot Size

What is the total lot size in acres?


Was this lot recently subdivided in last 4 years?

i.e. In Rockyview MD any lot subdivided after 2011 may have septic restrictions
Total # of Bedrooms

Are there allowances for future bedrooms? If yes, how many of each?

# of Full Bathrooms (4 piece)
# of Half Bathrooms (2 piece)
# of Oversized Jetted Bath Tubs

Are there allowances for future bathrooms? If yes, are they full or half bathrooms?

Kitchens and Bars
# of Kitchen Sinks
# of Bar sinks
# of Laundry Sinks

Are there allowances for future sinks? If yes, are they are kitchen, bar and/or laundry sinks

Other Building

Are any other buildings connected to the sewer system (i.e. work shop or RV drain system)? If yes, explain what they are above


Is a Kitchen garburator being installed? If so, this increases the tank size required substantially.

Commercial Use

Is this building being used in any type of commercial use (I.e. Catering, Hair Dressing, Day Care)? If yes, explain in detail.


Are there any restrictive easements, or municipal / utility right of ways, or any encumbrances registered on your site plan which may affect installation of an onsite septic system? ? If yes, explain in detail.

Water Source

Septic Restrictions on your System


All or any water treatment systems cannot flow into the septic system. These include water softeners, iron filters, reverse osmosis systems, etc. No floor drains or weeping tile systems or basement sumps are allowed to drain into the septic system. Warranty on the system will become void and the system performance will be compromised.

Plot Plan

We require a current plot plan showing all boundaries and building locations. Please scan a copy and email the title document to grayline@shaw.ca or submit using the "Plan Upload" tool below. No FAX service available.

Plan Upload
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By ticking the box above, you are acknowledging that you are aware of the septic system restrictions, that you are responsible for the information you have provided above, and that our system design will be based on the information you have supplied. The design information is private and our end product will be owned by Grayline Contracting Ltd. until it has been fully paid for and then it will be released to the project owner.


Once we have received this form, including the plot plan, then we will schedule the test pit excavations and soil study documentation and sample extraction. The septic system design can be completed in a prompt time line if you are expedient in delivering the plot plan along with this form. Thanks very much. You have just started with one of the best and most reliable tradesmen on your job site.

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