Over 35 years septic experience - 5 year warranty
Over 1500 septic systems in the ground!

About Us

Years of experience

ProFlo Wastewater Treatment Plant

We pride ourselves in the protection of the environment first...

and in delivering a cost effective, high quality septic system!

Grayline's owner (Bruce Gray) has been designing and installing onsite septic systems for more than 30 years. Bruce is the person who will quote, install, service and warranty the system. We have been actively involved with the evolution of the new onsite wastewater regulations and the required ongoing training to update and hone our skills in this industry. We are in a very unique situation to be able to draw on 35 years of experience and blend that requisite knowledge into new science based training programs. That blend results in our customers receiving sound advice which will provide a quality based onsite waste water system which will serve them well for decades to come.

Hundreds of clients

Grayline Contracting Ltd. has hundreds of existing clients located in all areas surrounding Calgary. We should be able to locate an existing installation near your site for your evaluation as to our workmanship and integrity. In addition, we install systems for approximately a dozen professional builders, plumbing contractors and excavation firms.

Certified septic system design

Grayline Contracting Ltd. will align you with a Certified and Experienced consultant who will develop a septic system blueprint based on information drawn from the home owner, the building design, the lot topography, and the soil structure and textures. We blend this information and add the perspective of 35 years of installation experiences to produce a system which is affordable and effective. The septic system should be easy to maintain and operate efficiently with the end goal being environmental protection.   Learn more...

Grayline has always been able to provide a workable onsite sewage solution which meets the customers needs and fits within a reasonable budget and is compliant with the Provincial and Municipal regulations. We pride ourselves in the protection of the environment first, and delivering a cost effective high quality septic system.

Alberta Private Sewage Codes and Standards

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