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Pressure Distribution Systems

Pressure Distribution Septic Fields

Pressure Distribution FieldIn pressure distribution fields the effluent is pumped out of the Dose Tank and through an inline filter system using a high capacity pump. The effluent flows through PVC piping system to the excavated field area. In the field area trenches are excavated laterally to a maximum depth of 36” and a maximum length of 65’. In these trenches (called laterals) we install smaller diameter PVC pipes which are held off the ground by pipe stands. These pipes are drilled every 36” to create orifices which simulate an underground sprinkler system. Then we cover the pipes over with the plastic chamber components which create the long hollow void space. Once the system is energized by the septic pump then the entire surface area of the whole septic field is watered evenly and consistently.



Pressure Distibution Field Diagram

Diagram of a pressure distribution field installation