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ProFlo Packaged Wastewater Treatment Plants

Advanced Environmental Protection

ProFloPro Flo is the most effective system to reduce sewage contamination and protect the environment and specifically the endangered water aquifers.

This septic system has recently been introduced to the Alberta onsite septic management industry and is proving to be very popular. There are a couple of prominent manufacturers of these type of systems and we chose Pro Flo after thoroughly investigating and training on the top 3 manufacturers.

ProFlo is the simplest and the most effective advanced treatment system sold in Alberta. It has the easiest maintenance requirements and the tanks can be buried with more than 10 feet of cover. Pro Flo is extremely well built by Westcon Precast Ltd in Calgary.

Treatment Plant Installation

How Does the Pro Flo Wastewater Treatment Plant Work?

Pro Flo simply injects air into the effluent to agitate and speed up the biological breakdown of the effluent. The unique design of the concrete clarifier section allows for all suspended solids within the liquid to settle out and fall back into the aeration tank to be further digested.

Within 24 hours of the sewage entering the tank the product is purified to the point that it is a crystal clear liquid that could be used for underground irrigation of plants, trees or lawns.

I have personally drawn effluent samples from all of my Pro Flo installations and had them analyzed by Kaizen Laboratories. All exceeded the manufactures specifications of sewage strength reductions. Ask for my real life lab reports.

Pro Flo systems need to be installed by an experienced and certified contractor. Grayline has extensive exprience installing and maintaining these systems.